Our mission

Lashistry aims to support all artists and clientele in the beauty industry, whether it’s providing quality products or services, we are here to serve you. We understand the importance of using high-grade products to create quality work and establishing a trusting connection between Artist and Client. Lashistry is committed to brand transparency and wants our community to grow together.  



Lashistry was founded in 2021 by Joanna Le, a multi-certified Lash Artist who started her career in 2020. Starting her business she was first known as JOJOLASHED, as she got more immersed in the industry she wanted to add more value to it than just services. In the present-day, she is offering in-depth training courses, sourcing high-grade products and still servicing clients. 

Joanna is committed to creating a brand that stands behind quality and showing that the beauty industry can create a fruitful career. She sees the beauty industry as a passion and an art rather than a job, whether it is lashes, hair, brows, etc. there is an immense amount of experience and knowledge that must be accumulated to become an expert in any craft. With that being said, she continues to follow all new industry standards, learn trends and is always seeking more experience and services in her craft.

Create and Deliver Beauty Using Our Products.

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