Mannequin Training Head with False Eyelashes for Extension Practice. Eyelash Kit for Make Up.


Creating highly efficient and detailed Lash Artists is our top priority. All of Lashistry’s courses provide in-depth theoretical and practical training. Each Lashistry course kit will be provided with high grade products, allowing students to not only learn from the best but also work with the best. We equip students with all the knowledge they need to know to enter into the industry confidently. All students will have life long mentorship with educators along with discounts on new courses and products.  Jump-start your new career or side hustle and enroll in one of our courses!

Private 2-Day Masterclass

Classic, Hybrid & Volume

This is a 2-day introduction to Classic, Hybrid and Volume Lash Extensions. This course is designed to go over theoretical and practical knowledge of three different styles of eyelash extension, business and marketing 101, helping individuals kick-start their own business. The course runs from 10AM – 6PM. 

Lunch, snacks and drinks are complimentary with this course.



PRIVATE 1:1 Course Price: $1500 (Refer a friend and get $100 Off)

Group CLass COURSE PRice: $1200 (Do it with a friend and get $100 off)

Private 1-Day Classic Lash extentions

classic lash foundation

This is a 1-day in-depth course focusing on the foundations of Classic eyelash extensions. This course is designed to provide students the basics and fundamentals of eyelash extensions as whole while focusing on Classic lash extensions only.  This course is great for individuals who want to perfect the art of classic eyelash extensions before moving onto more advanced techniques such as volume and mega-volume eyelash extensions.  This course runs from 10AM – 6PM. Lunch, snacks and drinks are complimentary with this course.



Course Price: $800 (Refer a friend and get $100 Off)

Private 1-Day LASH LIFT & TINT


This is a 1-day course in theoretical and practical training in Eyelash Lifting and Tinting. Whether this is the only service in your business or a new add-on, it is highly sought after service and will be a great additional to the menu. The course runs from 10AM – 3PM. 

Lunch, snacks and drinks are complimentary with this course. 



Course Price: $700 (Refer a friend and get $50 off)

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Student Reviews

I was a little bit nervous for my lash class because I know how tedious lashing is, but right off the bat, Jojo made me feel super welcomed and comfortable. She took her time explaining everything in her lash manual (which is extremely detailed) and making sure I understood before moving on. When it came to practicing lashing on the first day, her instructions and demonstrations were very clear. When it came to doing live models, she was attentive and super helpful. Jojo was extremely encouraging throughout the entire process! The kit was filled to the top, providing me with everything I need to start lashing and to keep me going for quite a while! Even after the course, I have received continuous support from Jojo and I know I can reach out to her if I need any help with lashing! Such a sweet soul & a great teacher. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in starting their own lash extension business or for continuous education!

Rebecca Theodorou


Training with Jojo was very informative and thorough. I love how she didn’t rush through any of the topics and made sure I had a detailed understanding of what she was explaining. I felt really comfortable asking her any questions I had and when it was time for the live model she was super involved and supportive. She took the time to demonstrate different techniques for me and provide in-depth assistance. The supplies provided are of amazing quality and nothing was missing for me to take clients immediately. You can tell she deeply cares for her students and wants them to succeed from her “Lashing Bible” as well as what she provides in the kit which just shows how seriously she takes this. After training, she was always available to answer any questions I had and right there with me as I finally started to service clients. I always feel like she’s there to support and encourage my new business and is truly a fantastic mentor. I would recommend anyone to get trained with Jojo!

Jannae Battle