The Foaming Lash Cleanser (100mL) – JUST THE CLEANSER

The Foaming Lash Cleanser is Lashistry’s signature foaming wash that is specially formulated for the cleaning of eyelash extensions. It is gentle and easily removes build-up such as make-up, oil, and debris that accumulates on the lash line and eyelid. This will maintain the fluffiness of the eyelash extensions as well as prolong retention.

Comes with ONLY 100mL Bottle (x2 amount of our leading competitor).

*Check out: The Foaming Lash Cleanser Kit if you’re looking for an all-in-one kit with a brush and protected tubed spoolie.


Apply one pump of The Foaming Lash Cleanser onto each closed eyelid. Using the soft bristle cleansing brush, thoroughly work the foam into the lash line and eyelid until all impurities are clean. Rinse well with water, dry and brush the lashes for all the fluffy goodness. 

*It is recommended for all Eyelash Extension Wearers to wash their extensions daily to retain maximum retention as well as avoid any infections.


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